My business thrives on referrals and each year I am able to welcome a number of new students into the studio. Please explore the site to find out more about my piano studio and feel free to call or email me with any other questions you may have.


You need a piano or keyboard to play at home for lessons to be worth your time and money. It does not need to be a full size keyboard, but you need full size keys, preferably weighted — which means touch sensitive for volume control.


If we are able to find a time that works and you have a home instrument, I like to set up a time to meet before lessons begin. In the age of internet, you may know me and I you only from an internet source.  As a matter of safety, it is important to meet and feel comfortable having students come into my home each week. The interview also provides an opportunity to evaluate younger students for readiness and determine if they will be successful as they begin piano study.  Younger students will need daily supervision with practice at home. Parent commitment is critical for lessons to be successful and positive.