Tuition fees are $95 a month based on the average of four half hour lessons per month. Forty-five minute lessons are $132 a month. Tuition includes a yearly subscription to Piano Explorer Magazine for each family and access to Piano Marvel in the studio lab. Other fees, such as music or contest fees, will be itemized on the monthly statement. Statements are emailed on the 20th of each month.

I encourage parents to send payments by mail rather than using valuable lesson time. You do not need to send a copy of the invoice with the payment. If you prefer to bring the payments, you can do so during your child’s lesson or leave them in between the front storm door and main door. Please do not leave payments in mailbox at the street.

  • Payments are due the first of each month regardless of weather conditions or lesson day. Payments received/postmarked after the 10th will be assessed a $10 late fee. Partial payments are also subject to a late fee. Please include the late fee with your late payment.
  • Make checks payable to Susan Alcon or Alcon Piano Studio.
  • Students are expected to remain in lessons for the entire school year unless circumstances prevent them from doing so, such as moving or extended illness. I have turned away prospective students during the peak calling season to reserve your time slot and may not be able to fill that space later in the year.
  • If a student begins lessons mid-year, the initial payment will be adjusted according to the number of lessons remaining on the music calendar above.


The $30.00 deposit paid when you begin lessons stays in effect until you stop lessons. Refund of the deposit requires a thirty-day written notice. A confirmed email notice is fine. Please follow up with a phone call if you do not get a confirmation that day. If you do not plan to return in the fall, the deadline is August 1st. Outstanding bills must be paid in full before deposits will be refunded. A separate deposit is required when an additional member of the family begins lessons.



Make up lessons are only given in the event of sickness or emergency where the student is unable to attend school or work (fever-free for 24 hours please). Notify me BY PHONE — 336-852-4596 (no texts) no later than 9:00 PM the night before the absence in order to receive a make up lesson. Lessons missed due to teacher illness will be made up. Refunds or credits are not given for missed lessons. I try to make up lessons by extending the regular lesson whenever possible.


If you have a conflict with your regular lesson time, you may switch lessons with another student that same week if it can be arranged. The schedule is available on the website (login required). Please be careful to verify days & times when switching lessons.


I teach on snow days. If you can get here safely, I will be here. However, if you are hesitant about driving due to road conditions and leave a voice message at 336-852-4596 (no texts) — the lesson will be made up at a later time. For your safety, enter and exit through the garage doors and NOT the deck steps. Watch for the garage door to open as one student leaves…and the next student can enter. If you would like to come earlier in the afternoon, please call to arrange an earlier time.


We ask that you park at the street rather than in the drive. We have ongoing property damage to our mailbox area from people backing out of our driveway (notice the posts). As a courtesy to me and other students, send your child in no more than 5 minutes before the lesson time unless using the keyboard lab. If you are the first student of the day or after the dinner break, the door is unlocked about 5 minutes before your lesson time.


Do not chew gum at lesson or wear jewelry that might scratch the pianos.
Do not send friends in with the student. We have limited seating.
Do not bring in food or drinks.


Students may participate in the Greensboro Music Teacher’s Association festival held at UNC-G in March and the Spring Studio Recital in June. Participation is optional. Other performance opportunities are available.


Introducing our new studio website: (available in September). This will be your link to calendars and schedules and studio news throughout the year. To keep information closed to the public, you will have a code to access the schedule on the website.


Students are invited to use the Piano Marvel Program on the studio lab each week. We tracked sight-reading progress last year, but I would like all students to have an opportunity to use the program to practice between studio testing. Students can use the keyboard lab before or after their private lesson. I will go over the details with each family.


Included in your tuition for students in grade school. This end of school year overview documents progress in musicianship skills and accomplishments including books completed, performance, awards, sight-reading, and theory.


I like to maintain regular communication with parents throughout the year by using the weekly assignment book, emails, and conference lessons to review the student’s progress and address any concerns that may arise.


Sorry, my studio phone is not a cell phone and is not able to receive or send text messages. Snow and other make up lessons require a voice phone message as described above. I do not regularly check emails when I am teaching.


I offer lessons during the summer months. It is a wonderful time to start beginners or a great opportunity for parents to take a few lessons without a long-term commitment. For the majority of students, we change the routine and focus on something different...duets, composition, popular music. Lessons are available morning, afternoon, or evening on Monday - Thursday each week depending on the number of students interested. The available dates are emailed to you each month. You select and pay for only the dates you can attend each month. All summer lessons are 45 minutes long.


Performance pieces for Festival or Recital must be completely memorized three lessons before the event. It is my experience that last minute preparation is not secure enough for performance. Students need time to practice playing the piece completely by memory for at least two weeks before an event. I plan to be very firm about this rule for both festival and recital performances.