Piano is the perfect instrument to learn all about music. The piano is a relatively new instrument in the history of the world, but it is so versatile. We can play contemporary hits, transcriptions of orchestral works and even pieces originally written for earlier instruments like the harpsichord. There is a wealth of music literature available to play on the piano ... more that anyone could possibly cover .... from both modern composers and the masters. Keyboards, the more portable version of the piano, make playing more accessible than ever before.

Music teaches all kinds of organizational and problem solving skills that transfer to any subject. Music study improves focus and concentration and builds character and self esteem.


My philosophy in teaching has always been to help students learn how to read and understand music in order to develop a lifetime skill and love of all music. Music has always made such perfect sense to me and it is easy for me to explain it to others. I run an efficient studio with a studio keyboard lab and access to an at-home website. I try to make music study fun and varied with games and incentives. I use the MTNA sponsored Music Achievement Award Program to document student growth. Students have opportunities for performance and composition. I teach year round. In the summer we break from the lesson books to record student music on CD’s and explore a particular area of music — for example — Duets or Popular music. I also offer a program for parents of students in the summer as a refresher or beginner course.


My piano studio is located in Greensboro at 1207 Westminster Drive. I have three full size pianos in my studio and a wealth of teaching resources at my fingertips. Students have unique opportunities for ensemble playing and for using studio interactive computer music theory software programs. Students also have access to a studio monitored online music theory game site from any home computer.